Arne Walderhaug – Photographer

The wonder of photography is its inherent ability to be an instrument of intuition and spontaneity. It never ceases to amaze me how photography can catch a moment in time for eternity. The exercise is a great intellectual delight, as well as satisfying to ones nature of curiosity.

Just like travelling is a journey without a destination, photography embodies all the stations on your journey through life. With sensitivity, a disciplined mind, and a strong sense of form and light, photography can give meaning to the path towards a happy and fulfilling life.

The marvel of travelling is the sensation of moving. The purpose is not the destination, but the reposition of the physical body as a refreshment to the mind. These pages are basically about my interest in photography and travelling.

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Top picture: Nizwa, Oman – 2018
Rawalpindi, Pakistan 1976